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The following are Online Editions of the Foundation’s newsletter, CHRISTIFIDELIS, beginning with the first issue of 1996. Online Editions normally contain the lead article and the "Canonical Basics" section. However, as indicated in the Index, not all original issues contained both features and "Canonical Basics" did not begin until 1997.

A complete set of back issues is maintained at the John Ireland Memorial Library pf the College of St. Thomas in St. Paul, MN. and is available by inter-library loan.

To receive all the features of CHRISTIFIDELIS in the regular edition by surface mail, please follow the instructions on the Newsletter Form.

Date Title
November 9, 2007 Feature Article: The 1962 Mass with Post-1970 Innovations: Is It Likely?
  Canonical Basics: (none)
September 14, 2007 Feature Article: Observations On The Apostolic Letter, Summorum Pontificum
  Canonical Basics: (none)
July 31 , 2007 Feature Article: Recent Trends in Ecclesiastical Disputes
  Canonical Basics: (none)
July 13, 2007 Feature Article: The “Splendid Poverty” Of The Jesuits
  Canonical Basics: A primer for those who prefer knowing to opining
Eastertide, 2007 Feature Article: The High Cost of Antinomianism
  Canonical Basics: (none)
February 22, 2007 Feature Article: Annual Report
  Canonical Basics: (none)
December 25, 2006 Feature Article: Similarities Between Canon and Secular Law: Using Them to Our Advantage
  Canonical Basics: (none)
September 14, 2006 Feature Article: Applying the Principles and Procedures of Civil Law to Canon Law: A Recipe for Frustration
  Canonical Basics: (none)
June 29 , 2006 Feature Article: For Every Case Its Proper Course - Canonical Observations on the Maciel Communiqué
  Canonical Basics: (none)
April 6, 2006 Feature Article: The Infallibility of the Ordinary Magisterium
  Canonical Basics: Vindicating Our Right to the Truth
February 22, 2006 Feature Article: The Executive Director's Annual Report for 2005
  Canonical Basics: (none)
December 25, 2005 Feature Article: The Parish: Where the Saving Work of the Church Gets Done
  Canonical Basics: (none)
October 7, 2005 Feature Article: "That They May All Be One": The Principle of Collegiality
  Canonical Basics: (none)
August 22, 2005 Feature Article: Still Playing the Chit
  Canonical Basics: (none)
July 11, 2005 Feature Article: Do We Need the Right Kind of Bishops More Than We Need the Right Kind of Pope?
  Canonical Basics: (none)
May 1, 2005 Feature Article: Seeds in the Earth: A Celebration of the Contributions of Pope John Paul II to Canon Law
  Canonical Basics: More About Call to Action
February 22, 2005 Feature Article: Lay Participation in Church Governance
  Canonical Basics: (none)
January 6, 2005 Feature Article: (none)
  Canonical Basics: Report on the 12th International Congress of Medieval Canon Law
October 24 , 2004 Feature Article: Pro-Abortion Catholic Politicians: The Presumption of Innocence and the Right to Trial
  Canonical Basics: (none)
August 15, 2004 Feature Article: Withholding of Communion from Pro-Abortion Catholic Politicians
  Canonical Basics: (none)
June 22, 2004 Feature Article: Overdosing on the Medicine of Mercy
  Canonical Basics: (none)
May 1, 2004 Feature Article: Choosing Our Shepherds
  Canonical Basics: (none)
March 19, 2004 Feature Article: Pro-Abortion Catholic Politicians: Another Approach
  Canonical Basics: (none)
September 14, 2003 Feature Article: The Purposes of Punishment
  Canonical Basics: (none)
July 15, 2003 Feature Article: No Glue for the Posters (Liturgical Abuses)
  Canonical Basics: Some of us want to start a private Catholic school. Do we need to get the Bishop's permission before we do anything?
May 29, 2003 Feature Article: Standing to Sue
  Canonical Basics: (none)
February 28, 2003 Feature Article: Is There a Right to Clear Teaching and Clear Legislation?
  Canonical Basics: (none)
December 25, 2002 Feature Article: The Executive Director's Annual Report for 2002
  Canonical Basics: Requirements for Canon Law Degrees
October 18, 2002 Feature Article: “Pro-Choice” Catholic Politicians and the Law
  Canonical Basics: (none)
July 31, 2002 Feature Article: Unrestrained Authority: Secrecy’s Toxic Companion
  Canonical Basics: Mandatory Reporting of Sexual Abuse by Clerics and the Privilege of the Forum
May 2002 Feature Article: The Narcotic of Secrecy
  Canonical Basics: Should bishops who "cover" for abusive priests resign?
January 2002 Feature Article: The Executive Director's Annual Report for 2001
  Canonical Basics: Concerning the Suppression of Parishes
 and the Disposition of Church Building
December 2, 2001 Feature Article: A New Weapon in the Renovation Struggle
  Canonical Basics: (none)
October 7, 2001 Feature Article: Canonical Restraint On the Administration of Parish Property
  Canonical Basics: (none)
August 15, 2001 Feature Article: Ecumenism and the Ecumaniacs
Canonical Basics: Why can't General Absolution be the Norm?
May 1, 2001 Feature Article: Identifying a Catholic Institution
Canonical Basics: Liturgical Abuses and Legitimate Customs
March 19, 2001 Feature Article: Towards a Caste System in the American Church
Canonical Basics: The New General Instruction
February 2, 2001 Feature Article: The Special Mission of the Laity: Are We Setting the World on Fire?
Canonical Basics: The Legal Status of "Built of Living Stones"
October 1, 2000 Feature Article: A Rose by Any Other Name
Canonical Basics: Deceiving Church Renovation Plans
July 15, 2000 Feature Article: Regulation by Non-Regulation
Canonical Basics: Protocol for Catholic Media Programming and Media Outlets
May 1, 2000 Feature Article: The Church, the Airwaves and the Internet
Canonical Basics: (none)
March 19, 2000 Feature Article: Domus Dei: A House Built on A Weak Foundation
  Canonical Basics: Is Homosexuality an Impediment to Holy Orders?
December 25, 1999 Feature Article: The Executive Director's Report for 1999
  Canonical Basics: Validity of Bishop's Decree on Freestanding Altars
October 15, 1999 Feature Article: Where Does Disagreement End and Disobedience Begin?
Canonical Basics: Church Buildings as Historic Landmarks
August 10, 1999 Feature Article: Locating a Tabernacle
Canonical Basics: Church Renovations
June 13, 1999 Feature Article: Temptations for the Weak and Burdens for the Virtuous - A Comparison of Canon Law with Civil Law
Canonical Basics: (none)
March 19, 1999 Feature Article: Chaplains of His Holiness
Canonical Basics: Commentary on Fr. Orloski's Letter in "Straws in the Wind"
February 11, 1999 Feature Article: (none)
Canonical Basics: Devotions at Eucharistic Adoration
November 29, 1998 Feature Article: "Where Two or Three Are Gathered" - The Right of the Christian Faithful to Freedom of Assembly
Canonical Basics: (none)
October 7, 1998 Feature Article: So Much for Sleepy Roman Summers!
Canonical Basics: Jurisdiction over Apostolates?
July 3, 1998 Feature Article: Natural Justice in the Church
Canonical Basics: Who Should or Who Should Not Receive a Catholic Funeral
May 1, 1998 Feature Article: Who speaks with the Church
Canonical Basics: What is a Procurator?
February 25, 1998 Feature Article: Sex and Sexuality
Canonical Basics: The Collaboration of the Non-Ordained Faithful in the Sacred Ministry of Priests
Christmastide, 1997 Feature Article: "When all things were in quiet silence..."
Canonical Basics: Parish Boundaries and Membership
November 30, 1997 Feature Article The Work of the Saint Joseph Foundation, Then and Now
Canonical Basics: Conditional Confirmation
September 8, 1997 Feature Article Associations of the Faithful
Canonical Basics: Non-Catholics Receiving Holy Communion
June 9, 1997 Feature Article: The Necessity of Law and Order
Canonical Basics: Doherty et Alii / All Saints / Diocese of Des Moines
May 1, 1997 Feature Article: More Weeds in the Canonical Garden
Canonical Basics: (none)
Lent 1997 Feature Article: Weeds in the Canonical Garden
Canonical Basics: Liturgical Abuse and the Obligation to Attend Mass
December 25, 1996 Feature Article: Whither Goes Our Liturgy?
Canonical Basics: (none)
November 1, 1996 Feature Article: Is it Time to Count Teeth?
Canonical Basics: (none)
August 22, 1996 Feature Article: Bishop Bruskewitz to the Society of St. Pius X: "You can't have it both ways!"
Canonical Basics: (none)
June 2, 1996 Feature Article: Finally, Someone Does Something
Canonical Basics: (none)
April 7, 1996 Feature Article: Each State a Province? Or, Redrawing the American Ecclesiastical Map
Canonical Basics: (none)