Saint Joseph, Spouse of the Blessed Virgin Mary
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Contact Form Policy - Please Read Carefully

The purpose of the Saint Joseph Foundation is to assist Catholics in protecting their rights in the Church. Answering general questions about the Church’s legal system and related issues is a useful service that we perform as best we can with the limited resources at our disposal. Therefore, please understand that other matters must often come first. Also, questioners do not always realize that even a brief answer may require a considerable amount of research. Therefore, if you do not receive an immediate answer or in some cases no answer at all, we would appreciate your patience and consideration.

With the explosive growth in the number of Internet users, we have experienced a proportionate increase in the number of questions received by e-mail. Therefore, before assigning a question or request for assistance to a member of our staff, we have found it necessary to ask for the full name and surface mail address of the questioner. This is for two reasons. (1) If the Foundation is going to devote the time to formulate a thorough, accurate and free answer, we believe it is only fair that we first know who is asking. (2) Quite often, we need to supply documentation, which is difficult or impossible to send by e-mail and we like to have a surface mail address in advance. Also, we sometimes send an answer containing sensitive information by surface mail, as the security of e-mail communications is not absolute. Please rest assured that this information will be held in strict confidence and will not made available to any third party.

One of the questions most frequently asked of us concerns fees. The Foundation has been ruled tax exempt by the Internal Revenue Service under provisions of Section 501(c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Therefore, we depend solely on voluntary contributions for our support and do not charge for our services. We do, however, keep track of the time spent by our staff and consultants on each case. We list that information on Time Summaries, which show the services provided, the time expended and the approximate value of those services. The Time Summary is merely a declaration of services already performed and is in no way a bill, statement or request for payment. The reason that we send Time Summaries is that a number of clients have asked us to do so and it is virtually impossible to provide this information unless we keep track of it throughout the entire course of a case. As a result, it has become our practice to gather this information for the use of the client, not the Foundation. If you receive a Time Summary, please accept my assurance that we do not consider you as obligated in any way to send a contribution.

As soon as we receive the completed Contact Form, we will place your inquiry in line for a reply.


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